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Walker Ski Glides


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Smoothly maneuver walker across indoor or outdoor surfacesEasily attach to most walkersIncludes velour covers to protect floorsIncline design glides over cracks, rugs, and doorwaysDurable plastic holds up against extended use60 Day Guarantee



People with limited mobility can safely navigate over any uneven surface


Use on carpet, rugs, tile, pavement, concrete or blacktop


Attach to the front or rear of any walker with 1” diameter legs


Provides cushioning against snags and scratches on indoor surfaces and reduces noise


Durable enough to withstand extended use, without damaging surfaces


Installs in minutes with just a screwdriver


Do the walker ski glides fit all walkers?

Yes, the glides will fit any walker with legs that are 1 inch in diameter.

How do I install the walker ski glides?

The glides are very easily installed in just a couple of steps. Just remove the existing rubber feet either in the front or the back of the walker and insert the glides into each leg. Tighten with a Phillips screwdriver.

How do I install the fabric covers?

It’s very easy. Just slides the covers over the walker glides.

Will the walker ski glides scratch my hardwood floors?

Sturdy fabric glide covers are included in your purchase to protect indoor surfaces like hardwood floors from scratches.

Can I install the walker ski glides on the front legs of my walker?

Yes, if your walker does not have wheels, you may install the slides on the front legs. Do not install the wheels on the back legs and the glides on the front legs.

Can I install the walker ski glides on the rear legs of my walker?

Yes, you may install the slides on rear legs.

Are the glide covers anti-slip?

The covers are not fabricated to be anti-slip, rather they are designed to slide easily along surfaces without scratching or snagging.

What are the walker ski glides made of?

The glides are constructed from a durable composite plastic.

What are the glide covers made of?

The covers are fabricated from velour.

Will the walker glides help me walk on cracked pavement?

Yes, the glides will help keep you safe and stable indoors and out, even on uneven surfaces.

Will the walker glides reduce some of my walker noise?

Yes, the glides and covers will reduce noise as well as provide stability.

Are the walker glides strong enough to last a long time?

Yes, the composite plastic is very durable and will withstand extended use.



Use with any standard walker to safely maneuver over any indoor or outdoor surfaceProtects flooring from nicks and scratches

Fits most walkers with 1” legs

Installation Instructions:

Flip the walker over and remove the front or rear two rubber feet. Install in the front if your walker does not have wheels. Install in the back if your walker has front wheelsInsert the gliders into the walker legs. The arrows on the glider should be pointing towards the direction of forward movementUse a Phillips screwdriver to expand or retract the diameter of the insertTighten the screw until the gliders are secured to the legSlide a cover over each glider


Durable composite plasticVelour covers

What’s Included:

One pair (2) ski glidesOne pair (2) glide covers60 day guarantee

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Product Number: MOB 1006

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